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Re: Cannot get 'Hello World' to compile

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 8:51 AM, ken j  wrote:
> That was it - using g++ as the compiler and changing the file name to .cpp
> The executable file was placed in my cygwin/home/username folder. Do I have
> to specify that folder in the set path variable for Cygwin to see it? I'm
> not entirely clear on this issue.

You can always specify the path to an executable, in which case its
directory doesn't have to be in your $PATH.  If you've just compiled
it, it's probably in the same directory you're in, and you can just do


to run it.

If what you've created is a useful program that you want to keep
around and be able to run as a command without specifying the path
every time, then the thing to do is move it into a directory that's in
your $PATH.  Many people have a "bin" directory in their home
directory for adding their own commands to the system, and put
"$HOME/bin" in the front of their $PATH.

Mark J. Reed <>

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