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Re: Changing HOME for PERL wrote:
> Also the command od -c, shows \n ONLY throughout the file
> excepts a couple sots near the end of the file.  Do I need to worry
> about those couple spots \n\n doubles appears.

No, you don't need to worry about \n\n sequences.  They just indicate
that you have empty lines in the file.  Try removing one of the empty
lines and see out the od -c output changes.

> ==================================================
> $ od -c
> 0000000   #   !   /   u   s   r   /   b   i   n   /   p   e   r   l  \n
> 0000020  \n   $   x       =       3   ;  \n   $   c       =       "   h
> 0000040   e       "   ;  \n   $   s       =       $   c       x       $
> 0000060   x   ;  \n   $   b       =       "   b   y   e   "   ;  \n   p
> 0000100   r   i   n   t       "   $   s   \   n   "   ;
> 0000120                       #   h   e       h   e       h   e  \n   p
> 0000140   r   i   n   t       $   s       .       "   \   n   "   ;
> 0000160                       #   h   e       h   e       h   e  \n  \n
> 0000200   $   a       =       $   s       .       $   b   ;  \n   p   r
> 0000220   i   n   t       $   a   ;
> 0000240                   #   h   e       h   e       h   e       b   y
> 0000260   e  \n  \n
> 0000263
> ==================================================
> Now when I run the file I am getting same error without the ^M
> $ ./
> bash: ./ /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: Permission denied

I went ahead and recreated your script based on your od -c output, but
as expected, I can't recreate your problem without purposely breaking my
Cygwin installation.  Only by removing all execute permissions from my
Perl program at /usr/bin/perl am I able to get the error you receive.

Now I just took a closer look at what you did earlier to work around
this problem when you changed the SheBang line to:


What you have done by making this change is direct Cygwin to run what is
most likely a Windows-native Perl installation installed into C:\PERL in
order to interpret your script.  Since this change works for you, this
Perl installation is obviously good; however, this is *not* the Perl
installation under Cygwin.

Since your Cygwin-based Perl installation seems to be lacking some
necessary permissions, it appears that there is something wrong with
your Cygwin installation.  Following the problem reporting guidelines
( will provide more information which
will hopefully help the Cygwin maintainers identify the cause of the issue.

Good luck.


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