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Howto get Cygwin<->Linux interoperability on NTFS filesystems (symbolic links issue)

Cygwin 1.7 has *read* support of symlinks created by Vista+, but *no write* for
reasonable reasons (

That's not bad, as working in dual-boot system, when it comes to switch to
Linux, I would convert all cygwin-like symlinks to NTFS's native symlinks that
appeared along with Vista.

I was so naive that NTFS drivers under Linux will write Windows-like symlinks,
but simply they don't (Linux should have no problems that Cygwin faces with
elevating admin priviledges running under Vista). What mentioned drivers (ntfs,
ntfs-3g) create, look very similar to Cygwin - plain files with system attribute
set and contents with a target path the symlink points to (as unicode string).
But the formats differ slightly. While Cygwin's symlinks starts with !<symlink>,
those from linux drivers start with IntxLNK - so called Interix links, plus
other minor differencies.

My question is: why Cygwin invented its own format (if not, sorry ;)? Or should
rather Linux take Cygwin's format? Even Linux did later, isn't Interix some "old

It's not my intent to start any war, but to find an answer and finally have a
solution (could be another option to CYGWIN envar or sth else). Or did I miss


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