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Re: 256 color screen

Jordan, please send questions or problem reports about Cygwin packages
directly to the Cygwin list.

Jordan Wiens wrote on 07/21/2009 07:40:37 PM:
> I saw your email on the cygwin mailing list a while ago:
> Referencing the 256 color package for screen?  Did that ever get
> into the main cygwin?  I can't get 256 colors working under screen and
> I'm also having trouble compiling my own (and it looks like the old
> links in that email are no longer around, either).

Sorry it took me a while to get back to this.  No, I got hung up on some
1.5 vs. 1.7 issues, and never released the 256-color version.  But I've
just spend some more time on it, and put together new packages for
Cygwin 1.5 and 1.7, with 256-color support.  I'm uploading these and you
should see them shortly.

However: (1) I haven't tested the 256-color support on many terminals
yet, and (2) I've had to abandon my Cygwin 1.5 installation, so I can't
test the 1.5 package at all.  So, for now I'm releasing these as test
packages.  Once I get some reports from users about how well the
256-color support is working, I'll make them current.  I'm including
instructions in the README file for running screen with 256 colors and
testing whether it's working.


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