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Re: How to install QT in CYGWIN

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> On 08/25/2009 04:28 AM, Pok Wilson wrote:
>> Good day,
>> I have successfully compliled command prompt application in for
>> Windows platform using cygwin (1.5.25-15). I need to use cygwin as my
>> program requires Unix header files and only cygwin allows me to
>> compile my program in a Windows environment.
>> Now i need to improve my program to make it a GUI application. And
>> this is where I need help.
>> I am intending to use QT4.5.3 to create my GUI. And I have read about
>> installin QT in cygwin to do that. After reading all the archives, I
>> am really confused. I need some clear instructions on how it can be down.
>> Is it possible for you to guide me in achieving this? I need to
>> install QT in cygwin so that I can make my command prompt application
>> to become a GUI application.
>> I am using QT because it is able to create GUI application for Windows
>> and Linux platforms. And more importantly QT is WYSIWYG which makes
>> creating a GUI application simpler.
>> I would definitely accept other suggestions to achieve my objective if
>> there are other alternatives. Thanks in advance for your help
>> Platform: Windows XP Professional
>> Compiler: cygwin (1.5.25-15)
> 1.5.25-15 is the version of the "cygwin" package.  The compiler (gcc)
> version is 3.4.4 for the
> 1.5.x release of Cygwin.
> I'm no QT expert (and I actually haven't even touched it in years) but
> from what I can see,
> only QT3 is available as part of the release.  There is this message
> from Yaakov a while
> back about QT4:
> <>
> Not sure how far he got, since Cygwin Ports (
> isn't accessible to me at
> the moment.  So perhaps there is a QT4 floating around for Cygwin 1.5.x
> on that site.  If not,
> you'd have to build it yourself.

Beware that Yaakov's Qt is for X Windows, not the native Qt.

If you install from Trolltech it includes MinGW, which is far from being
as complete a development environment as Cygwin but, if you don't need
other development libraries will do just fine (usually it is much more

An alternative is cross-building from Linux, take a look at
Renà Berber

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