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Re: Failure building libsigsegv-2.6 [1.7]

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According to Angelo Graziosi on 8/24/2009 3:26 PM:
> The simplest way to reproduce the failure is:
> 1. wget

Stock 2.6 is known to be broken when used with cygwin.  Don't use
unpatched upstream with cygwin.  Instead, use my patches (which are part
of the official cygwin distro).

> Perhaps I am missing some packages. Any idea?

Yes, you are probably missing the libsigsegv package (with the development
headers) and libsigsegv1 package (with the precompiled library), although
I didn't check your attachment.  And if you MUST rebuild from source, then
either build from the source package shipped with cygwin, or pull my
patches from:

git pull git:// master

> I have attached my installed.db.

No, you attached installed.db.gz, which I can't easily read without extra
effort on my part to unzip it.  We are serious about attaching
uncompressed 'cygcheck -svr' output rather than a compressed installed.db,
as it is a much easier format to review in the list.

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