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Re: KOI8

Corinna Vinschen:
>> > Anyway, to help support them, the attached patch adds the KOI8
>> > charsets to newlib's Unicode conversion and ctype tables. I took the
>> > conversion tables from iconv and adapted the ctype tables from the
>> > CP1251 version. Since KOI8 has printable characters in the C1 range
>> > from 0x80 to 0x9F, it seems easiest to treat them as Windows
>> > codepages.
>> >
>> > To complete support, "KOI8-R" and "KOI8-U" would need to be recognised
>> > in _setlocale_r and mapped to codepages 20866 and 21866.
>> I'd suggest to add the missing code to loadlocale() Â(the internally
>> used charset should be set to "CP20866"/"CP21866", but it seems you know
>> this already) and send the entire patch, together with a ChangeLog
>> entry, to the newlib list. ÂIf you could base it on my pending proposal
>> to make the charset case insensitive
>>, that would be great.
> I applied this patch Âa couple of minutes ago, so you can simply base
> your patch on current CVS.

Okay, will do.


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