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Re: Defining DLL entry points

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 07:54:14AM -0700, mavatar wrote:
>I am trying to port a DLL project from MSVC to Eclipse/MinGW.  I was
>able to build the DLL with Eclipse/MinGW and the resulting shared
>library was much larger than the same library built with MSVC.  I found
>a "MinGW C Linker" option in project properties to "Omit all symbol
>information (-s)" after setting this option the DLL file size reduce by
>almost 200KB, but it still was >100KB bigger then the MSVC version.
>After inspecting the DLL with the MS "Dependency Walker" utility I
>noticed that the DLL produced by MinGW has entry points defined for
>every function in the DLL, including those that don't have the
>following descriptor before them.
>#define MY_API __declspec(dllexport)
>I would expect that ONLY function that have MY_API before them would be
>defined as an entry point, but this is not the case all function are
>defined as entry points.  How is this possible?
>As a side note I do not provide a *.DEF file to the linker.  I tried
>this and it did not seem to make a difference.
>Any ideas?


You're in the wrong mailing list.  We deal with Cygwin here, not MinGW.

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