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Re: [1.7] setlocale utf-8

2009/8/20 Corinna Vinschen:
> On Aug 20 14:58, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> On Aug 20 14:50, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> > On Aug 20 14:36, Reini Urban wrote:
>> > > Can we please clarify some oy my problems with our new locale support in
>> > >
>> > >
>> > > LC_ALL=utf-8 does not work. Must contain the language, same as on linux.
>> > > LC_ALL=en_US.utf-8 does not work. UTF-8 must be uppercase, in contrary to linux.
>> > > LC_ALL=UTF-8 does not work. Must contain the language, like
>> > > en_US.UTF-8, same as on linux.
>> > >
>> > > I'm working around that now in the new perl.
>> >
>> > I'm confused. ?Which one of them do you work around? ?And then again,
>> > can we skip this minor problem until after 1.7.1 and you just use
>> > <lang>[_<territory>].UTF-8 for nowm, as defined and documented?
>> Never mind. ?It's no big problem to allow lowercase "utf-8" as on Linux.
>> I'll fix that.

So I can get rid of my proposed perl patch.

> Btw., your testcase still tests with setting CYGWIN=codepage:utf-8.
> Apart from the fact that it was "utf8", the CYGWIN=codepage setting
> has been removed entirely since 1.7.0-45, back in March. ?See

I know. I was just cross testing various versions and wrong settings
to get a feeling where the problem actually was.
Reini Urban 

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