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Re: Unable to use cpan

David Christensen wrote:
My guess is that it is a file system ownership/ permission issue. Vista is more picky than XP. Take a look at all the folders down to /home/p6258c/.cpan/sources/modules/ with Windows Explorer -> Properties -> Security and Bash 'ls -l'. If something looks strange, you might be able to fix it with Windows Explorer, 'chmod', and/or 'chown'.
Huh? It's not a permissions problem, it's a file naming problem. Removing the /home/p6258c/.cpan/modules to make this simpler, the error message is saying it is unable to rename*gz*.tmp3996 because there is no such file or directory. The error message is right - there is no file by that name. There is, however, a file by the name of*gz*. Note the placement of the letters "gz" - highlighted by surrounding it with "*"'s (that are not in the filename nor the error message). Of course mv will not work when you use the wrong file name. The question is why is cpan(1) using the wrong file name? Or is it ncftpget which gets it wrong? I don't know. All I know is that it just doesn't work...
Andrew DeFaria <>
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