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Re: No etc/passwd (was) Re: (everything!) command not found

On 8/18/2009 9:58 PM, DY wrote:
I've got Windows Defender on here - it came with the computer and
doesn't show up under the Program Files, so I'm not sure that it's

In Vista, it is not. But it can be turned off. Here's one relevant reference:


That said, I've just recently installed Cygwin (1.7) on Windows 7 and had
no issue running it after installation, even with Defender on.  Defender
may not be the offender it once was. ;-)  But now you should be able to
try it for yourself and decide.

I also have AVG on here, which isn't in the list of BLODA programs, but is
an antivirus program. That was installed after cygwin, and I can remove it
if it is a problem.

It hasn't been reported as a problem that I'm aware of. You can always try, since "past performance is not an indicator of future returns." One might think I work for Fidelity or something after a comment like that. ;-)

I'm fine with reinstalling with a beta version - clearly I'm not having
tons of
success with the current version. Is there anything I can do about Windows
Defender? I can always download the cygwin setup program, then reboot
and start up windows in diagnostic startup mode (which only loads the
essential devices), install cygwin, then reboot in normal mode - would that
work? Is there a better solution?

I don't see why it wouldn't... if BLODA is your problem.

THANKS SO MUCH! I've been going nuts for about 2 weeks now. -Debra

Yes, setting up new machines can be at least as infuriating as trying to keep old ones going. ;-)


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