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Re: No etc/passwd (was) Re: (everything!) command not found

On 8/18/2009 6:36 PM, DY wrote:
It definitely made a difference.  I never had to do it before, but when
I did it this time I
could suddenly do ls and just about everything else inside of cygwin,
whereas I couldn't
before I set those things in Windows.
Here's what I can tell you. I was installing cygwin on a clean machine -
I just bought it.
It most definitely didn't have cygwin on it at all. I hadn't copied
anything over from my
old hard drive.

OK, thanks for the info. The reason adding Cygwin to your Windows path helped is because your postinstall scripts aren't running. So the path isn't getting set up properly for the Cygwin environment. Setting it in the Windows environment hides/resolves that so Cygwin utilities run as they should. There's certainly nothing wrong with adding the Cygwin paths to the Windows environment, as I mentioned. It just isn't a requirement in a successful installation. Setting CYGWIN_HOME, as I pointed out, is a no-op.

Also, what I've done at this point was remove cygwin completely (afaik)
by doing umount,
then removing the cygwin directory, then going into the registry and
removing cygwin and
something else that had to do with cygwin (I'm sorry - I don't remember
exactly what it
was). I then reinstalled cygwin. After reinstalling cygwin, I still
didn't have etc/passwd
or etc/group. So I went back to the install process, looked in base,
chose to reinstall
base_passwd (fyi, everything in base said "keep"), ran the setup again,
and then I got
etc/passwd and etc/group. Then, being afraid that something else hadn't
installed, I
reinstalled everything in base.
Here is the setup.log.full as it stands now. I'm trying to run cygcheck
as specified in the
problems page, but I think it's getting stuck in an infinte loop (or is
it supposed to print out
what looks like the same thing again and again and again for over 5
minutes? - a lot of
...\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\... , and the longer it runs,
the more
\Wow6432Node\...'s there are before it gets to a bottom line of
Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\Program Options).
Is it at all possible that there's something funny about where I'm
running setup.exe from?

Ah, so you're on x64. Presumably WinXP was not? You'll probably find that Cygwin 1.7 <> handles this better, if you're interested in trying it.

I can see from your 'setup.log.full' that all your postinstall scripts
are failing.  Do you have any <> installed?


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