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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: cygwin-1.7.0-59

I'm not making a feature request but rather some future discussion ideas.

We all seem to remember sub-version numbers like:
There is some benefits in using a consistant numbering scheme. When I use the uname command, I don't care what date my dll was created. I would like for uname to use the same format as we all talk about. Would it be possible to get uname to report the full version with sub-version? No more dates... Without this feature, Im' going thru convuolutions to extract the full version and sub versions.

I like to be able to quickly view this information in the Windows banner/title area when running multiple instatnces of the OS.

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Hi folks,

I just uploaded a new Cygwin 1.7 test release, 1.7.0-59.

Just a bugfix update.

What's new in contrast to 1.7.0-58

- Nothing.

Bugfixes: =========

- Fix a bug in wcsncpy where the function call wcsncpy (dest, src, n)
  could end up copying n+1 characters to dest.

- The getsockname/getpeername patches added to -58 didn't return the
  correct length for unbound AF_LOCAL sockets (3 instead of 2).

- Fix a bug in readdir which could lead to incorrect inode numbers
  for "." and ".." entries on some remote filesystems (ext3 over
  NFS for instance).

- Fix a bug in readdir which could result in wrong inode numbers on remote
  NFS filesystems.  Also works around a bug in the Windows 7 NFS client.

- Fix popen problems with standard handles

FAQ: ====

- Q: How do I know that I'm running Cygwin 1.7.0-59?

A: The `uname -v' command prints "2009-08-18 18:42"

Have fun, Corinna


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