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Re: No etc/passwd (was) Re: (everything!) command not found

On 8/16/2009 12:35 PM, Mark J. Reed wrote:
On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 11:30 AM, DY wrote:
In case anyone else ever needs this, if you install cygwin, then get command
not found for everything, you need to:[set CYGWIN_HOME and add

That's quite strange; neither of those should be necessary. I have no CYGWIN_HOME set, and my Cygwin bin dir is not in my Windows PATH. (The latter is handy if you want to run Cygwin commands from the Windows shell, of course).

Thank you Mark for making this point. Just in case there's any confusion, the CYGWIN_HOME environment variable is not used by Cygwin. It does not need to be set for proper operation. And Cygwin's path only needs to be in the Windows environment if you want/need to run Cygwin commands from the Windows command prompt shell (though this is often awfully convenient). So Mark is spot on with his comments here.

Clearly the source of the issues with this installation is wrapped up in the
postinstall scripts. Why they failed to run isn't clear based on the information
given so far. It would still be nice to see the 'cygcheck' output recommended
by <> and it might be particularly useful to
see the original 'setup.log.full', though I expect we'd have to settle for a
recent or current version now...

There's been a good chunk of useful suggestions generated in this thread so
far Debra.  Clearly some you have looked at but some seems to have slipped
through the cracks.  It might prove useful to you if you reviewed the whole
thread again.  Based on your first email message, I did not get the impression
that you moved any of the data from your XP machine to Vista but if you did
do this (via clone/ghost or other mechanism that preserves ownership
of the data), you may have permissions problems if you're overwriting the Cygwin
installation you had on XP.  If this describes your environment, I'd recommend
removing your Cygwin installation and reinstalling.  You can copy over what you
want of the old (and adjust permissions and ownerships) once Cygwin is in


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