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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: run-1.1.11-1

On Aug 17 18:39, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Charles Wilson wrote:
> > If we already HAVE true console handles, then we shouldn't FreeConsole
> > and try to recreate our own...
> OK, how about this?  Seems to work on Vista(cyg1.5, cyg1.7, mingw) x
> gui/cui/bat.
> The basic idea is to try and re-use whatever console is available, if
> any, when run is started.  If this is the invisible console created by
> cygwin as part of process startup, great. If it is inherited from the
> calling window, fine.  But never try to explicitly hide the console if
> it already exists (that way, you can call 'run foo' from a cmd box
> without it disappearing on you).
> Also, if creating a new console, then do it in the parent (run) process
> and hide it there -- even for W7, by using the message-only trick --
> instead of attaching to the child's console and manipulating it after
> the fact.
> I *think* this slight refactoring will allow us to add any additional
> tweaks needed by W7 with only small, localized changes, so I'm hopeful
> that this patch can actual be checked in even if it is not perfect.

Big big big sigh.

And a big sorry for the hassle.

My only excuse is that I'm currently distracted by another project at my

It turns out that all three attempts, starting with my NUL: patch, over
your previous one, up to this one work fine in all cases under W7.

XWin works, xterm works, gvim works, urxvt works (and doesn't take 100%
CPU).  Starting emacs with `run emacs-X11' works.

I made a dumb mistake when testing the `run bash -c emacs' variation.
It didn't work before with my and your former attempt because I failed
to add correct quotation.

This fails:

  run bash -c -l emacs --display=

This works with all three variations:

  run bash -c -l "emacs --display="

See the small difference?

`run startemacs.bat' also works fine.  It didn't work for me because I
took the file content as is, without realizing that the Cygwin root dir
was set to C:\cygwin-1.7 in the script, while it's C:\cygwin on my
machine.  Urgh.

Again, sorry for the confusion. :(


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Red Hat

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