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Re: Compiling problem

Bob Cowdery wrote:
> Either I'm too impatient, the question is too trivial for people to
> bother with or too complex or lacking information to be answerable. As
> I've not posted to this group before and have hardly used Cygwin I've no
> idea which of the above is true. Anybody... please.

  Complex and lacking information.  I've never heard of Cython or Pyrex, but
if you could manage to cut your failing compile down to a really simple
testcase that anyone can reproduce, you'll get a lot more help a lot quicker.

>> part of the compile. I installed Pyrex and have tried to build a
>> minimal Python module but gcc can't seem to locate the python header
>> files. They are there and the -I points to the right place
>> '-I/usr/include/python2.5'. In that directory is Python.h which it
>> can't find.

  Copy and paste the failing command line from your build logs into a bash
shell, adding the "-v" flag.  If the list of search paths that shows you
doesn't help, try making a copy of the failing .c file, but snip out
everything after the #include statements at the top, and try compiling that
(with the same command-line, just change the name of the .c file it mentions).
 If that also doesn't work, post the commandline and the cut-down .c file here.


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