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Re: Compiling problem

Either I'm too impatient, the question is too trivial for people to bother with or too complex or lacking information to be answerable. As I've not posted to this group before and have hardly used Cygwin I've no idea which of the above is true. Anybody... please.


Bob Cowdery wrote:

I seem to be having some fairly fundamental problems which must be finger trouble.

My end game was to install Cython and compile up some Python stuff which was written on Linux but needs to run on Windows. There are lots of shell scripts involved and the complete system does not lend itself to running native, hence the short-term need to run under Cygwin.

First up I couldn't figure how to compile the Cython package. Next, I thought Pyrex might suffice and as it is part of Cygwin saved that part of the compile. I installed Pyrex and have tried to build a minimal Python module but gcc can't seem to locate the python header files. They are there and the -I points to the right place '-I/usr/include/python2.5'. In that directory is Python.h which it can't find.

This is starting to drive me mad, any help appreciated.


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