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Re: Re: rxvt slow to get the prompt if another rxvt is already open on windows 7 64bit

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 6:49 AM, <> pressed
keys on his keyboard in the following order (sans the > at the
beginning of every line):
> (omitted for clarity)
I've seen this on occasion using Of All Things the Starter edition --
I had to turn off UAC in order for it to work, and now I dont like
MinTTY or Rxvt, I prefer Console2 ( ) or PuTTYCyg. I
realize MinTTY is a fork of PuTTYCyg but I really didnt see the point
TBH and Rxvt I've never gotten used to.

For those who are unfamiliar with Console2, its a wrapper around the
raw character device you can get from Cmd.exe if you poke it in the
right ways and has a nice pretty tabbed interface that can support
basically anything (I've run Cygwin Bash with no problems, as well as
zsh, csh, busybox and ssh). PuTTYCyg is likewise, a Cygwin friendly
version of PuTTY if you didnt already know.

Now, I'm off to pound nails and help set up for the Albuquerque
International Balloon Fiesta. Someone has to put out the nearly 2000
trash cans :)

Morgan gangwere

"Space does not reflect society, it expresses it." -- Castells, M.,
Space of Flows, Space of Places: Materials for a Theory of Urbanism in
the Information Age, in The Cybercities Reader, S. Graham, Editor.
2004, Routledge: London. p. 82-93.

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