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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: run-1.1.11-1

On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 04:44:42PM +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>On Aug 14 10:15, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> > Oh, ok, sorry about that.  I didn't realize there's a urxvt-X and a
>> > urxvtc-X, and accidentally grabbed urxvtc-X when creating the shortcut.
>> > 
>> > And yes, it's like you expected.  When starting on W7 without run, a
>> > command window briefly pops up and disappears again.  The CPU usage is
>> > low, afterwards.
>> Thanks.
>> OK, then here's how I'm going to "solve" the problem. I will modify run
>> so that instead of using the "new" code on WinXP+ incl. W7, it will only
>> use the "new" code on W7.  That way, things will continue to work as
>> they did in run-1.1.10 for existing OS's.  This should also "solve" Ken
>> Brown's problem with run -> batch file -> bash(.dotfiles) -> emacs.exe
>> leading to poor performance -- at least until he upgrades to W7.
>> For W7, "don't do that" -- don't launch urxvt-X (standalone) or urxvtd-X
>>   (daemon) using run, at all. Instead, rely on urxvt[d]-X's own code to
>> hide the console window.  The downside of this is a brief flicker.
>> Now, you CAN use 'run' on W7 in conjunction with urxvtc-X (client), with
>> no ill effects AFAICT.  So, if you use the client/daemon urxvt, you get
>> only ONE flicker when you first launch the daemon (perhaps thru
>> .Xsession), and after that everything is fine.
>> I'll also update the documentation to reflect this limitation.
>> Later, when W7 in is more widespread use (e.g. when I have personal
>> access to it), I'll see if I can improve the situation a bit. Maybe I'll
>> add a switch "-f/--flicker-ok" to enable use of a mechanism similar to
>> urxvt[d]-X's hide_console() [only, without the 'check to see if this
>> console already existed before I was launched' intelligence] rather than
>> cygwin's CREATE_NO_WINDOW, just for situations like urxvt[d]-X and Ken's
>> emacs example.
>I just tested this further.  If you omit the CREATE_NO_WINDOW flag
>to CreateProcess, the console window still flickers when starting
>urxvt, but the CPU usage does not stick to 100%.  Since XWin and
>xterm are apparently unaffected by this (no flickering cmd window)
>it looks like that's the better interim solution.

Isn't just creating the process with SW_HIDE good enough?


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