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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: run-1.1.11-1

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Oh, ok, sorry about that.  I didn't realize there's a urxvt-X and a
> urxvtc-X, and accidentally grabbed urxvtc-X when creating the shortcut.
> And yes, it's like you expected.  When starting on W7 without run, a
> command window briefly pops up and disappears again.  The CPU usage is
> low, afterwards.


OK, then here's how I'm going to "solve" the problem. I will modify run
so that instead of using the "new" code on WinXP+ incl. W7, it will only
use the "new" code on W7.  That way, things will continue to work as
they did in run-1.1.10 for existing OS's.  This should also "solve" Ken
Brown's problem with run -> batch file -> bash(.dotfiles) -> emacs.exe
leading to poor performance -- at least until he upgrades to W7.

For W7, "don't do that" -- don't launch urxvt-X (standalone) or urxvtd-X
  (daemon) using run, at all. Instead, rely on urxvt[d]-X's own code to
hide the console window.  The downside of this is a brief flicker.

Now, you CAN use 'run' on W7 in conjunction with urxvtc-X (client), with
no ill effects AFAICT.  So, if you use the client/daemon urxvt, you get
only ONE flicker when you first launch the daemon (perhaps thru
.Xsession), and after that everything is fine.

I'll also update the documentation to reflect this limitation.

Later, when W7 in is more widespread use (e.g. when I have personal
access to it), I'll see if I can improve the situation a bit. Maybe I'll
add a switch "-f/--flicker-ok" to enable use of a mechanism similar to
urxvt[d]-X's hide_console() [only, without the 'check to see if this
console already existed before I was launched' intelligence] rather than
cygwin's CREATE_NO_WINDOW, just for situations like urxvt[d]-X and Ken's
emacs example.


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