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Re: Unable to link


Dave Korn escribió:

... something as simple as that will assemble and work just fine on Cygwin. But anything much more complex is liable to run into problems. For example, on Linux you use the "int 80" instruction to perform a syscall; on Cygwin, you just call a subroutine like any other. The compatibility between Cygwin and Linux exists at the C source-code level (and above), but under the hood, in assembly world, it's very different. That's why you need to recompile stuff on Cygwin; the actual machine code that's generated is very different.

I suspected that once I read your first email and found the .s files.
I do not know in detail what it does, but the whole lib deals with memory allocation, processes,... so I bet it is not just a matter of changing the name.

  You will almost certainly need to write a windows-specific version of the .S
files to make this work.  How complex or tricky that is I can't guess as it
depends entirely on the complexity of the .S files you need to translate.
Sorry not to have better news for you.

No problem. It is part of an exercice for grade students (are they reading this ML? Hello!), whose reference environment is Linux, so I need Linux anyway (since it is where they will be evaluated). So it is not worth the value to spend more time porting it. This code is a kind of support library, so I was trying to compile it under cygwin and was curious about why it did not compile, but we will not waste more time (your time, in particular) on it.
Thank you very much for the kindly help.


Javier Sedano

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