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cron cannot change user

I am running cygwin 1.5.25-15 on a number of sites, most of the Windows
XP. I have at least one occasion where I have two identical systems
side-by-side, configured the same way (same logons, etc). Both systems
run cron as a service installed via cygrunsrv, using the local system

One one of the two systems, cron has stopped executing the crontab
entries. It lists them in cronevents, then send a mail, which doesn't
make it to cron.log, and nothing happens.
I have checked everything, accounts, permissions, file access that I
know of, yet am unable to find the cause.
Can anyone suggest a way of figuring out what is going on? I suspect
that cron cannot switch user to the crontab user, yet can find no clue
as to why this would be. And it did run earlier, and as far as I know, I
have made no significant change. The system reboots every night. The
second system configured the same way works just fine.


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