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Misc programs/scripts/config files I wrote

When I update/build cygwin, I must make sure to kill all cygwin
processes, or I will be required to reboot. So I just wrote a script
using win32 native python to terminate all process that has cygwin1.dll
loaded: cygwin1.dll

Sadly, I can't simply post the .py file out, because it uses a few other
files (I'm too lazy). You can check out 
for details.

Now this might be inappropriate for this ml, but I'm posting in the hope
that what I have done could be useful to other cygwin users. These are
not completely cygwin, but it is definitely most related.

Run the following commands:

    svn checkout windows-config-read-only
    #(perform a virus scan if you don't trust me:-)
    cd windows-config-read-only/bin/windows
    ./ #you will see webpages opened, these are some tools you need to install

It started as a simple .bashrc, and I used a local svn server to version
control it in the belief that we should VC anything (of value). Then I
found out google code and switched to avoid syncing my .rc files using a
USB stick between home and work.

There are some .exe files in windows-config-read-only/bin/windows, the
source code of them can be found in windows-config-read-only/gcode.

Some other .exe files are also installed by
(invoked by, for e.g., some programs from
sysinternals, Procmon/Procexp/handles/winobj, etc. will invoke to start some programs in
windows-config-read-only/bin/windows/startup, and then it will "ln -sf"
itself into your "$HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH/Start Menu/Programs/Startup" so
that next time you login Windows, it will run itself again. 

It will also change your /etc/passwd to set your HOME to
windows-config-read-only! Be careful:-)

Don't worry Windows don't know how to start your,
will invoke to setup the registry for .sh/bash association,
among other things.

Some other useful things:

= Access MSDN from Emacs (.emacs,

= Integrate windows programs and cygwin programs (grep for shellHelper_vc6/shellHelper_cyg)

= Compile vc6/vc7/vc8/vc9 projects from Emacs with compilation mode (vccompile)

= Access JDK help documents from Emacs (.emacs

= grep registry (

= replace registry using regexp (

(for e.g. 'c:.documents and settings' 'd:\\Profiles' to point
the windows user folder to another disk, which can be useful if you
re-install windows)

= open regedit.exe with the current item specified on the command line

= bashHere/emacsedit with right mouse menu for Explorer

= source code reading ( -e "printf" .)

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