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Re: Issue with the titlebar

* Kilian Krockauer (Wed, 12 Aug 2009 17:58:08 +0200)
> I have quite a disturbing task my colleque gave to me. 
> He uses CygWin


> and has up to 10 Windows opened,

Sounds like your colleague needs a serious clue injection. Ever heard of 
the recent (recent like in "more than a decade ago") invention of 

> now he's getting tired of looking through every single Window when he 
searches for a specific one. To be exact, he uses ssh to connect to our 
servers and wants the titlebar to show which server that specific window 
is logged on to. 

> Is that even possible? I've gone through the web and found nothing 
helpful. I know that you can let the titlebar show a process name, the 
full path and i guess even the Hostname, because it is a variable, but 
everything i tried did not show the Hostname of the server he logs on 

Do yourself a favour. Forget about all that. That is obsolete for years. 
Use a terminal emulator that uses tabs and tab bookmarks and tab titles 
like Console or Take Command.


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