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Re: Successful build of ssh from openssh w. MIT kerberos

On 12/08/2009 14:55, Alec Kloss wrote:
I'm not having much luck with heimdal-1.2.1 from cygwin-ports trunk
on Cygwin 1.7 beta.  This is all downloaded today.  cygwin-ports
revision 7337.

1) If patch(1) is segfaulting, something else is wrong with your installation.

2) Why is your cygport(1) under /usr/local? The cygport packages that are part of the distro (curr. 0.9.9) install under /usr.

I've had success compiling Heimdal 1.2 directly and linking openssh
to it to get GSSAPI authentication working but it seems like
getting cygwin-ports to do the work would be a better solution.

The major difference if you built heimdal OOTB is that you have only static libraries; the Ports .cygport makes shared libs as well.

I just uploaded the binary packages here:

You'll have to download them manually for now.

One reason I haven't ITP'd this build is because I have no means of testing it in real world scenarios. 'make check' did pass, so that's promising, but I need someone else who is familiar with KRB5 to tell me it really works (or tell me how else I could test it).


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