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Re: Issue with the titlebar

Mark J. Reed wrote:
Putting title-setting escape sequences in PS1 has the unfortunate side
effect that the shell thinks that it has output those characters, and
shrinks the length of the line readline has to work with by that
It was my understanding that one of those escape sequences told the shell not to count these characters. In any event I have long since had a series of functions that appropriately set my title bar with information about the Clearcase view I'm in (or CVS repository) and path and maintain that path so my prompt prompt is not ungodly long. As an admin I'm often on many different machines and I color code my terminals as well as use a standard prompt of only the machine name and a colon in a different color.
A better option is to define PROMPT_COMMAND to echo the appropriate sequence.
Andrew DeFaria <>
As a computer, I find your faith in technology amusing.

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