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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: clisp-2.48-2

I've updated clisp plus the subpackages
clisp-clx, clisp-gtk2 and clisp-gdi to 2.48-2, to fix the issues reported at

* chmod +x /usr/lib/clisp-2.48/full*/svm.dll
* fixed wrong libdb4.6 dependency to libdb4.5
* fixed clisp-gdi.src.patch

Old 2.48-1 announcement:

clisp-gtk2 was re-added and includes now also dbus.
clisp-gdi is a modern package (case-sensitive and case-inverted),
and now hosted at
Depends on libsigsegv1 with Eric Blake's fixes for the SEH chain corruption.
No jit, no multithreading.

Release focus:
bugfixes and enhancements

./configure --fsstnd=redhat --with-ffcall \
  --with-module=rawsock --with-module=dirkey --with-module=wildcard \
  --with-module=bindings/win32 \
  --with-module=berkeley-db --with-module=pcre --with-module=postgresql\
  --with-module=fastcgi --with-module=libsvm --with-module=gdbm \
  --with-module=zlib --with-module=clx/new-clx --with-module=gtk2 \
  --with-module=dbus \
  --with-module=gdi --prefix=/usr --cbc build
Cygwin Changes:
2.48-1 (for 1.7)
* re-enabled gtk2
* added dbus to -gtk2 package
* added wildcard module to full
* gdi fixes and new functions, still alpha. See
* minor modprep and build patches added
* removed fix_iconv build hack
* added libsigsegv1 dependency
* revised required dependencies
* disabled stripping to enable (disassemble)*checkout*/clisp/clisp/src/NEWS

Changes: Multithreading is mostly usable on most platforms, although
officially it is still experimental.
clisp.m4 has been added for packages that rely on CLISP to detect the
desired... version. A few bugs have been fixed.

2.48 (2009-07-28)

Important notes

* Multiple threads of execution are now experimentally supported
  (not ready for prime time yet).
  Thanks to  Vladimir Tzankov <>.
  See <> for details.

* Module libsvm has been upgraded to the upstream version 2.89.
  See <> for details.

* Module Berkeley-DB now supports Berkeley DB 4.7.
  (older versions 4.* are, of course, still supported).
  See <> for details.

* Module readline now supports readline 6.0.
  (older versions 5.* are, of course, still supported).
  See <> for details.

* Passing :EXECUTABLE 0 to EXT:SAVEINITMEM results in an executable
  image which delegates processing of all the usual CLISP command line
  options to the :INIT-FUNCTION.
  See <> for details.

* Driver clisp accepts "-b" to print the installation directory.
  See <> for

* Add file clisp.m4 so that the packages which use CLISP can check
  whether it is properly installed and has the required version.

  See <> for details.

* New function POSIX:WAIT calls waitpid or wait4.
  See <> for details.

* New function EXT:TRIM-IF removes leading and trailing matches.
  See <> for

* New user command "LocalSymbols" (abbreviated ":ls").
  See <>
  for details.

* Commands "add" and "create" replace "add-module-set",
"add-module-sets" and
  "create-module-set" in clisp-link.
  See <> for details.

* Bug fixes:
  + Better support of :START and :END arguments in NEW-CLX. [ 2159172 ]
    wild pathnames (introduced in 2.47). [ 2198109 ]
  + Module NEW-CLX now has the XLIB:QUEUE-EVENT function,
    implemented by Philippe Brochard <>.
  + Extend the domain of LOG to larger BIGNUMs and RATIOs. [ 1007358 ]
  + Avoid a segfault on (EXPT <HUGE> <HUGE>). [ 2807311 ]
  + Fix interaction of finalizers and weak objects. [ 1472478 ]

* ANSI compliance:
  + Implement the ANSI (IGNORE #'FUNCTION) declaration.

2.47 (2008-10-23)

Important notes

* New module DBUS interfaces to the D-Bus message bus system.
  See <> for details.

* New function EXT:PROBE-PATHNAME can figure out whether the existing
  pathname refers to a file or a directory.
  See <> for details.

* New function EXT:CANONICALIZE lets you easily canonicalize a value
  before processing it.
  See <> for

* New user variable CUSTOM:*REOPEN-OPEN-FILE* controls CLISP behavior
  when opening an already open file.
  See <> for details.

* New SETFable function OS:FILE-SIZE extends FILE-LENGTH to pathname
  designators and lets you change file size.
  See <> for details.
  New function OS:USER-SHELLS returns the list of legal user shells.
  See <> for
  New SETFable functions OS:HOSTID and OS:DOMAINNAME.
  See <> for details.

* Module readline has been upgraded to readline 5.2
  (older versions 5.0 and 5.1 are, of course, still supported).
  See <> for details.

* LOAD now uses DIRECTORY only for wild *LOAD-PATHS* components, thus
  speeding up the most common cases and preventing the denial-of-service
  attack whereas CLISP would not start if a file with a name
  incompatible with *PATHNAME-ENCODING* is present in

* ROOM now prints some GC statistics and returns the same values as GC.
  See <> for

* New user variable CUSTOM:*HTTP-LOG-STREAM* controls EXT:OPEN-HTTP logging.
  See <> for

* Bug fixes:
  + Comparison of floats and rationals never underflows. [ 2014262 ]
  + When failing to convert a huge LONG-FLOAT to a RATIONAL, signal an
    ARITHMETIC-ERROR instead of blowing the stack. [ 2015118 ]
  + Restored TYPECODES g++ compilation [ 1385641 ], which allowed fixing
    a few GC-safety bugs.
  + Fixed a segfault when signaling some UNBOUND-VARIABLE errors in some
    interpreted code on MacOS X (introduced in 2.46). [ 2020784 ]
    Thanks to Vladimir Tzankov <>.
  + Fixed input after switching a :DOS stream to binary. [ 2022362 ]
  + Support circular objects in EQUAL and EQUALP hash-tables. [ 2029069 ]
  + Avoid C namespace pollution. [ 2146126 ]
  + Fix timeout precision in NEW-CLX. [ 2188102 ]

* ANSI compliance:
  + The sets of declaration and type names are disjoint.
  + FLET, LABELS and MACROLET respect declarations.


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