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Re: [RFC] jpeg library

Charles Wilson wrote:

> plan:  jpeg-v7 will be released for cygwin-1.7 only, using
> gcc4/dw2/shared-libgcc only, and will have the name "cygjpeg-7.dll".  It
> will NOT have lossless jpeg support.
> I'll do this soon.

I've just posted, for 1.7 only, an update for libjpeg to jpeg v7. This
version no longer supports lossless jpeg, and therefore no longer
requires ill-behaved client packages that manipulate "private" jpeg data
structures to take special care when compiling on cygwin.

However, this means that if you maintain a client package that DOES
currently take special care on cygwin, to accommodate our old lossless
jpeg support, then your build may break NOW, until you remove those
modifications from your package.

However, contrary to the statement above, libjpeg7 was compiled using
gcc3, not gcc4/dw2/shared-libgcc.  A later update will switch to gcc4
after gcc4 goes "gold".

I've also uploaded (for cygwin-1.7 only) a "backwards compatibility" DLL
package, libjpeg62, containing the old-style DLL -- so existing
applications will continue to work properly.

Finally, I've uploaded (for both cygwin-1.5 and cygwin-1.7) a new
version of the tiff packages:

1) cygwin-1.7: tiff-3.8.2-11 compiled against the new libjpeg7, as a
sort of 'smoke test'.  Also, imported Debian fixes for CVE-2009-2285 and

2) cygwin-1.5: tiff-3.8.2-5 recompiled to bring in Debian fixes for
CVE-2009-2285 and CVE-2009-2347.


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