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Re: libtool: -{shared,static}-libgcc

On 09/08/2009 08:52, Charles Wilson wrote:
It just can't be that simple, can it? Well, for *libgcc* I guess it can,
because there is no  However, we also need similar
functionality for the other runtime libraries, but they DO have .la
files which throws a monkey wrench into the mix.

Wouldn't those be governed by -static like any other library?

Oh, I just thought of something.  The user would need to ensure that
when libtool is generated (e.g. during configure), LDFLAGS includes the
intended -{shared,static}-libgcc flag. Otherwise, libtool's *_postdeps
variable will not include the "correct" list of libraries.  But then,
what happens if you use a different -{static,shared}-libgcc at actual
linktime? Or if you link some targets one way, and other targets the
other way?

AFAICS $postdeps is only used for CXX, which uses -nostdlib at the same time, so AFAIK neither -{shared,static}-libgcc would have any affect at that point.

But that would mean that, as you suspect, you have to decide CXX libgcc linkage at configure time. That is an issue which this patch neither causes nor fixes.

P.S. Have you gotten an acknowledgment from the FSF that they have
received your completed paperwork?



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