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Re: How to install-libLTLIBRARIES dll to bin?

On 09/08/2009 08:48, Charles Wilson wrote:
Your patch does basically what Dave's horrible hack did, except his also
works if you're installing somewhere other than under THE libdir. His
patch "walks" up the directory tree from the .la file location, until it
finds a great-uncle ../../../bin directory.

I considered such an approach, but what happens if you a prefix that doesn't yet exist on the system? AFAICS you would have the library in $my_new_prefix/lib and the DLL in /bin, which doesn't seem quite right.

Shared libraries should be, and generally are, in or under $prefix/lib. The only way I see my patch not helping is if the library is in or under $libexecdir AND --libexecdir is set to something other than $prefix/lib (like the GNU default $prefix/libexec). But IMHO that would be a problem with the package in question.

This part is messy -- and unnecessary for the intended use case. In gcc,
all you need to do is explicitly modify the's to pass the
necessary option. You don't need to do anything to automake or
libtoolize, AFAICT.

But how would you make a patch in a form that would be accepted upstream?

Which brings me to my question: Yaakov, what is the use case you have
for this functionality?  Something other than gcc?

I have three cases where non-module libtool libraries are installed into a subdir of $prefix/lib:

* evolution: libraries under $libdir/evolution/$MAJOR.$MINOR

* mysql: libraries under $libdir/mysql

* libffi-3.0: usually under $prefix/lib, but I move the library under $prefix/lib/libffi/lib so that it's not grabbed accidentally instead of gcc's libffi (just like the headers are by default under $prefix/lib/libffi/include).


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