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Re: CYGWIN Installation Issues

On 08/07/2009 01:12 PM, Steven Julian wrote:
Oops...didn't realize gmail was sending in rich text...that might
explain why I never got a reply, eh?

Yeah, could be. ;-)

I don't see allot here, other than the path is wrong, which likely leads to
many of your other troubles.  Check your '/etc/postinstall' directory for
scripts with the ".done" suffix.  If you find some, try rerunning
'setup.exe' again and just "Next" through all the pages.  This should run
any postinstall scripts that haven't been run already.  Check the
'/etc/postinstall' directory again to see if that's true (i.e. they all have
the ".done" suffix.)  If not, it could be BLODA
<>.  You can also look at your
'setup.log.full' where you ran 'setup.exe' for any failures that may have
occurred.  These may be cryptic however.  Still, it may give some insight
into the problem.

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