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cygwin (winxp) + mpich2 + msvc++

Hello everybody. I have a problem here.

Well, I need compile a mpi interface, and I must do it with cygwin and
msvc2008. Well I have already compiled and installed mpich2 with a make and
make install. Now I have a mpi_interface here, I didnÂt develop it, I just
need compile it. My first error was:
unrecognized option '-GR' c++: unrecognized option '-EHsc' c++:
unrecognized option '-Zm200' c++: unrecognized option '-nologo' c++: 

Because I didnt have adjusted the makefile, one flag was CXX := mpicxx I
just changed it to CXX := cl, to use msvc, ok? After that I received another
error, the system cant find pthread.h. I searched on net and find a library
to it,pth-2.0.7, and I have already installed it. Now I receiving another
error :/ The system cant find sys/time.h I searched in the msvc dir and I
just find timeb.h and utime.h I need the sys/time.h library I think. Where
can I find it? And... I making the right process? changing the flag and
everything more?

Thanks a lot for any tip or reply.

Bye bye.

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