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Re: Where is LEIM for cygwin's emacs 21.2?

On 8/5/2009 4:16 AM, Harald Joerg wrote:
Very rarely I need to type one or two japanese characters in my
emacs, and I recall that I did it with LEIM and set-input-method quite
easily.   However, in my current installation, emacs says that LEIM
isn't installed.

The cygwin installer says:
   LEIM is part of emacs package now.

The directory where LEIM used to be, /usr/share/21.2/leim/, exists but
is empty, both on my machine and on

There's no LEIM at all in
but the title says "(including LEIM)".

As a workaround, I fetched emacs-leim from the web, extracted the
tar.bz2 and symlinked the contents to /usr/share/21.2/leim.  Now
set-input-method works as expected.  But I doubt that this is how it
ought to be.

 * Is there something wrong with my installation (old installation,
   carried over from another machine)?

No. There was confusion a couple of years ago when it looked like emacs was going to be updated to version 22.1 (which did include leim). At that point emacs-leim was declared obsolete. Unfortunately, the emacs-22.1 build turned out to be unstable, but emacs-leim was never reinstated.

 * Would a switch to emacs and emacs-el 23.0.92 be the recommended
   solution (emacs-el 23.0.92 apparently contains LEIM)?

Yes. BTW, emacs-el is irrelevant; it just contains the library source files (*.el). The byte-compiled libraries (*.elc), including leim, are in the emacs package.


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