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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: zip-3.0-11

Zip is an open-source, command-line alternative to other zip-format
archives such as WinZip, etc.  zip-3.0 is the latest release from

This is a packaging bugfix and feature release. It supports large
files (> 2GiB) and unicode file names.

This release is specific to cygwin-1.7 -- there is no corresponding
release for cygwin-1.5 because (a) the cygwin-1.5 previous release did
not have the packaging bug, and (b) cygwin-1.5 doesn't support the
facilities needed for the new features.

[[ compiled using gcc-3.4.4-999 ]]

CHANGES (since 3.0-10)
o Fix packaging bug where executables were missing '.exe'
o Enable unicode file name support. This is an experimental
  feature, and requires unzip-6.0 or better to unpack.
o Use custom build of bzip2 library to enable bzip2 compression
  within zip files (enables better error messages).

Upstream changes (e.g. New for 3.0)
o Large files. Greater than 2GB total; individual files > 2GB, 
  and more than 64k files in a single archive.
o Multi-volume. Supported via "split" archives, but not "spanned"
  archives. See /usr/share/doc/zip/README.
o Unicode.
o Better command line options. Long option names, and option
  permuting (allows -x exclude and -i include options to appear
  other than always last, as was the case in 2.32).
o Supports 32bit UIDs/GIDs. However, this requires unzip-6.0
  (currently in beta) to restore.
o New modes. Difference mode supports incremental backups. File
  sync mode supports synchonizing between an archive and on-disk
  files. Copy mode allows copying individual contents between
  different archives.
o Compression using bzip2. Slower, but often better than deflate.
  Requires unzip-6.0 (currently in beta) to unpack.
o Better streaming and piping. Zip operates in command pipelines
  using stdin/stdout, as well as FIFOs, better than before.
o Gobs of new progress information. Also log files.
o Updated archive fixing. Can also now fix split archives.
o Windows Archive bit support.
  (Use difference mode instead; it's better).
o File lists. Think 'make -n'
o Extended help. 'zip -h2' == practically a man page.
o Many bug fixes.

Charles Wilson
volunteer zip maintainer for cygwin


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