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Re: Backgroud program uanble to go back

On Sun, Aug 02, 2009 at 08:08:21PM +0000, Tuomo Valkonen wrote:
>On 2009-07-31, Huang Bambo <> wrote:
>>Cygwin 1.7.52 to 1.7.54 After I use Ctrl+D to make a working vim
>>background, the process will not comeback with fg command.  I havn't
>>test if other programs are the same.
>I can confirm that after a recent update, I get this with every single
>application I've tried: most of the time, nothing returns to the
>foreground with 'fg'.

I've just checked in what I hope is a fix for this to CVS.  There were
few details in the initial problem report so apparently I was trying to
duplicate the problem in a way that was unlike the OP.  When I tried a
different method, I was able to see a problem with 'fg'.  However,
neither you or the OP actually described the problem in enough detail
for me to know for sure if what I saw was what you saw.

>In other news the same updates have also broken X, which keeps crashing
>so often, that it's impossible to use it.  Together with this fg
>brokenness, Cygwin is ATM in pretty much completely unusable state...
>in addition to its typical dog-slowness (Cygwin rsync: 1hour for DVD to
>disk; MS robocopy: 25min...  and I don't even want to think how slow
>nanoblogger is).

You're talking about "the same updates" so it isn't clear if you are
aware of the fact that 1.7.0-56 has been released.  A few problems with
process creation were fixed there.  There have been some reports that
there are ongoing problems but I'm unable to duplicate them.


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