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Re: [1.7] Updated: cygwin-1.7.0-56

Folks. Try again with updating 1.7-56. When it is downloaded from mirror:, my 1.7 instance of cygwin will nolonger come up!!

Using my 1.5 instance, and the strings command, I check the 1.7.0-56 version of cygwin1.dll and it comes up with:
/ext/build/netrel/src/cygwin-1.7.0-51, NOT 56.

No comments about using "strings". If no windows are opening up, I can't do a "uname -r" on a dead system. Unless someone comes up with a *good* reason NOT to use it, it stays in.

I've been using cygwin since the B20 days so I think I know a little about it. I seemed to remember the days when "uname -r" never gave the complete version and sub-version.

I frequently perform updates of the 1.7 release, This allow me just click-away and it is done. I don't always fire it up as I'm frequently running my 1.5 system. Yesterday was a bad day for this activity.

FrÃdÃric Bron wrote:
It's worse than that.

In an xterm, the first "ls" works (I get output) but then nothing
works after that. Just get command prompt returned.

Same issue with rxvt. Not only ls, but also vi, cat...


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