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Re: install from install files?

Tom Hall wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 10:56:12PM -0400, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

>> I know this is not your question but I figured it was a point that was worth
>> documenting for the archives if nothing else (though it has been made
>> before so this would just be a "recent" version).  You only get another
>> folder if the mirror you selected for this update was different than the
>> one(s) you selected the last time you ran 'setup.exe'.  'setup.exe' will
>> use (and remember) up to 4 simultaneously selected mirrors.  So you only
>> need to select a (set of) mirror(s) once unless you prefer to do
>> otherwise.
> I've got 8 of these directories in my local package directory; some end with
> %2f (/) and some don't. 
> I zipped all this up, unzipped it on a new computer, and pointed setup to the
> unzipped copy, but setup hardly installed any of the packages, even though I
> can see all the the packages' tar.bz2 files there.
> I don't think the setup.ini files are getting merged correctly.

  You've misunderstood.  The setup.ini files *are* getting merged correctly, and
as a result you have the option of installing any of the packages that you have
stored in any of the download directories.  However, setup.ini only stores the
list of available packages; it does not carry the particular selection that you
have installed in a particular machine.

> Is there some way I can re-create one big setup.ini file from my current
> computer, and just have setup use that on the new computer ?

  Yes.  The information about which packages you actually have installed lives
in /etc/setup/installed.db.  If you copy over the installed.db from the old
machine to the new one (in the correct place where it's going to live in the
eventual new cygwin installation, i.e. C:\cygwin\etc\setup\installed.db if
you're going to install to C:\cygwin), run setup.exe, tell it to install from
the local package dir that you've already copied across and on the chooser page
click 'reinstall' at the top level of the package tree view, it should then
install the same set of packages.


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