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RE: ntfsclone for cygwin 1.7 (issues pointing to shadow copies)

The issue appears to be with ntfsclone in that it must point to something in /proc/partitions.  It will not work with any /cygdrive/X (used dosdev.c from Corinna and typical vshadow to expose as a drive with no luck).  I found this out by commenting out the read-only check and rebuilding ntfsclone/ntfsinfo.  The code apparently uses a win32_io.c file when building on cygwin.  This file creates its own device mappings (e.g. /dev/hda1 instead of using the existing /dev/sda1).  I guess there would be a way to modify it to use cygwin devices but I don't know how.

If shadow copies could be presented as block devices to this library then it would open up a lot of possibilities for creating block-level clones of partitions without having to boot to a live CD.  I guess it is dd piped through gzip for now.  It sure is a waste when you only have 50GB on a 500GB drive since dd processes the entire drive.

Does anyone have anything else to add?  I'm guessing not...

------------------- original note

Does anyone know of an ntfsclone package that works under 1.7?  I tried compiling 2.0 from sourceforge.  I didn't get any errors from ./configure, make, or make install but the executable doesn't return anything when I run it.  ntfsclone --help doesn't return anything either.

I've been using dd with volume shadow copies to capture partitions (very cool direct reference of //?/GLOBALROOT devices!).  I'd prefer to use ntfsclone for speed.


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