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Emacs w3m `w3m-toggle-inline-images' cause segfault

Here's how to reproduce it:

1. install w3m-el

2. start Xwin, and then start emacs with:
   emacs.exe -q -l ~/1.el

3. Press M-x w3m in emacs to start w3m

4. Press g in *w3m* buffer, type (I use this URL
because it contains many images. A site with few images will not
reproduce this).

5. Press T in the *w3m* buffer to toggle inline images, then Emacs will
segfault. And sometimes it may complain "doing vfork resource
temporarily unavailable" instead of segfault.

The contents of ~/1.el:

      (setq load-path
            (cons "~/tools/emacs-site-lisp/w3m/" load-path))
      (load "w3m"))
Note that I have installed w3m at ~/tools/emacs-site-lisp/w3m/. 

I tried debugging with gdb, after building cygwin1.dll and emacs-23.0.96
(applied /usr/src/emacs-23.0.92-10.src.patch first), and here's the bt:

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    0x6109443a in fhandler_pipe::create (fhs=0x0, psize=60000, mode=164) at ../../.././../winsup/cygwin/
    325           fhs[1]->init (w, FILE_CREATE_PIPE_INSTANCE | GENERIC_WRITE, mode);
    Current language:  auto; currently c++
    (gdb) bt
    #0  0x6109443a in fhandler_pipe::create (fhs=0x0, psize=60000, mode=164) at ../../.././../winsup/cygwin/
    #1  0x7c802542 in WaitForSingleObject () from /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/kernel32.dll
    #2  0x610b8cd3 in sig_send (p=0x60ff0000, si=@0x228ff4, tls=0x0) at ../../.././../winsup/cygwin/
    #3  0x610b5987 in _pinfo::kill (this=0x60ff0000, si=@0x228ff4) at ../../.././../winsup/cygwin/
    #4  0x610b5d9b in kill0 (pid=4084, si=@0x228ff4) at ../../.././../winsup/cygwin/
    #5  0x610b5ec1 in kill (pid=4084, sig=11) at ../../.././../winsup/cygwin/
    #6  0x610b3118 in _sigfe () from /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll
    #7  0x00758801 in bss_sbrk_buffer ()
    #8  0x002295b4 in ?? ()
    #9  0x00000400 in ?? ()
    #10 0x0022ce64 in ?? ()
    #11 0x0022919c in ?? ()
    #12 0x610283e7 in _cygtls::call_signal_handler (this=0xff4) at ../../.././../winsup/cygwin/
    Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC
    Lisp Backtrace:
    "start-process" (0x229a84)
    "apply" (0x229b30)
    "let*" (0x229cb8)
    "let" (0x229e38)
    "w3m-process-with-environment" (0x229f08)
    "let" (0x22a088)
    ... (omitted).

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