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Re: Username hassles

"Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <> writes:

> 'setup.exe' installs files with the user name of the user that invoked
> 'setup.exe' so depending on who you update your Cygwin installation as,
> you may need to do this again.  Obviously, it would be preferable to do
> the updates as the same user as you want to "own" the files. ;-)
>> In that case, it would probably be better all round if I use MEAD8998
>> throughout and drop 'paul', at least on that machine.
>> So, I've tried to find where the user 'paul' is coming from and can't
>> find anywhere to change that either. Where is the current username held,
>> and how can I change it?
> Cygwin gets user names from the '/etc/passwd' file.
> Perhaps you have a local user 'paul' on your machine?

I've just found it in my .profile. Must have put it there ages ago when
I was having trouble with the emacs install.

Now I'll try to see whether that cures my problem running cron...

thanks for your help!


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