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Re: Username hassles

"Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <> writes:

> And the problem is that you want the files installed by Cygwin's "setup.exe"
> to use "paul" instead of "MEAD8998".  Yeah, that will happen because
> "setup.exe" is a Windows program and is going to use the Windows SID of
> the user installing it.  If you prefer "paul" to be used, you need to do
> one of two things:
>   1. Remove the "MEAD8998" user from your '/etc/passwd'.  It's presumably
>      before the "paul" user in the file and has the same SID.
>   2. "chmod -R paul / /usr/bin /usr/lib"
> If "MEAD8998" and "paul" exist in your '/etc/passwd' file and share the
> same SID, use (1).  Otherwise, use (2).
I seem to have 'MEAD8998' and not 'paul'. And I'm guessing that your
option 2 would have do be done more than once, as it doesn't change how
setup.exe is installing files.

In that case, it would probably be better all round if I use MEAD8998
throughout and drop 'paul', at least on that machine.

So, I've tried to find where the user 'paul' is coming from and can't
find anywhere to change that either. Where is the current username held,
and how can I change it?


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