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Re: cl.exe compiles libraries with blank permissions

Further research shows that the issue is that the file is first created with
additional windows permissions i.e. doing ls -lrt on the file gives:

----------+ 1 myname            Domain Users  14436 Jul  8 13:00 mylib.lib

The '+' indicating additional permissions.

The file is then copied to a separate directory and the additional
permissions are lost, so now doing an ls -lrt gives:
---------- 1 myname            Domain Users 14436 Jul  8 13:04 mylib.lib

The '+' is gone.  So does anyone know why the file permissions get removed
when the file is copied?



icc97 wrote:
> I'm having trouble compiling static libraries using cl.exe from Visual
> Studio 2008.  I'm running cygwin on Windows Vista with Admin rights and
> the UAC turned off.
> The libraries will compile fine but they are created with blank / zero
> permissions i.e. effectively chmod 000.
> Subsequently I would get the following error when trying to link using the
> library:
> LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'mylib.lib'
> Thanks,
> Ian

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