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Subversion not caching password

Using the Cygwin version of subversion, I have been unable to
configure it to store my encrypted password in

Here are the steps I am taking (the first step to start with a clean config):

- rm -rf ~/.subversion; svn --version
- edit the ~/.subversion/servers file to include "store-passwords =
yes" and "store-plaintext-passwords = no" under the [global] section.\

After following these steps, running "svn up" from a subversion work
area, I am getting the first expected prompt to accept the certificate
and prompting me for my password.? I select 'p' for permanently accept
certificate and enter my password which works as expected.? Issuing
the command again prompts me for my password again.

Examining the ~/.subversion/auth/svn.simple/ folder, a file a
successfully been created with the information for the authentication
realm, but this file does not contain the encrypted password.

What am I missing?

Another thing I've tried is editing the ~/.subversion/config file and
adding a "password-stores = windows-cryptoapi" under the [auth]
section.? This seems to have no effect.

I would also note that I also have VisualSVN installed on my machine
and when using that version it does not prompt me for my password.
Looking at its config store, It has generated the exact same named
authentication realm file under ${HOMEPATH}/Application\
Data\Subversion\auth\svn.simple\, but contains the encrypted password
section.? Copying the contexts of this file the corresponding file
within ~/.subversion/auth/svn.simple/ also has had no effect, as
issuing a "svn up" command prompts for my password which then
overwrites the ~/.subversion/auth/svn.simple file with the previous,
non-password containing contexts again.

For those tempted to answer with "Just use the VisualSVN version" (I'm
sure no one out there is thinking that), aside from this not being the
stated problem (not being able to get the Cygwin subversion to cache
passwords), there are also issues with using the VisualSVN version
from the bash shell (things like it not accepting commands after
prompting for merge operations).

Thanks for any help that can be provided.? Hopefully there is some
simple "you need to uncomment this other property and set it to X"
answer to this.

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