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Network drive issue -- 'no such host or network path'


I use cygwin on a computer with mapped network drives. In the cygwin shell, I can list the contents of local drives, but not that of mapped network drives, even though I have no problem in DOS. It's frustrating because I can't use tab completion on a file on a network drive either.

For example, drive U: is mapped to a network shared folder. In DOS 'dir U:\' works, but in bash in cygwin 'ls /cygdrive/u/' gives me the error 'no such host or network path'.

I've checked with 'mount' and the drive is correctly mounted as /cygdrive/u/. What is odd, is that if I specify the full path to a file, I can access it without problems -- for example 'cat /cygdrive/u/example.txt' works.

Google and mailing list searches throw up network access problems related to SSH or CRON jobs, but not on commands run locally as a user.

Since cygwin runs on top of windows, I don't understand how windows can list directory contents but cygwin can't. 

Can anyone who knows what 'ls' does offer any suggestions or hypotheses for this behaviour? I thought of using an alias to DOS's 'dir' but would rather fix the problem.


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