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Re: Upgrade to cygwin 1.7 seemed to trash bash profile, path

Aaron Humphrey wrote:
So, in the end, reinstalling didn't do much.  And I got a bunch of
"Cannot open (null) for reading" (error not guaranteed to be
accurate), usually when it was trying to install gzipped man pages or
something.  (Times like these I wonder why I persist in downloading
every cygwin package on the mirror when I use only a fraction of them.
 Compulsive behaviour, I guess.)

Perhaps there is something interesting to be found in setup.log.full.

My impression is that you were installing from the Internet rather
than downloading and then installing.  Is that right?

In any case, I was able to fix the problem by recreating /etc/profile
from /etc/skel.  Why /etc/profile got trashed by the upgrade to 1.7, I
don't know, but apparently it did.  So now I once again have PATH
initialized properly and my bash prompt looks normal.

Was there an '/etc/profile' file in any form before you recreated it?

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