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Re: emacs -nw keypad, tpu-edt.el, and C-h

> Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 15:02:35 +0100
> From: Andy Koppe <andy dor koppe at>
> Ken Brown:
> > A separate issue that has arisen in this thread is that when emacs runs
> > in a cygwin terminal [*], it sees C-h as DEL instead of as the help key.
> > Can someone familiar with cygwin terminals help with this? ?I'm speculating
> > again (bad habit), but it seems that the keycodes are being processed before
> > they reach emacs, so that C-h becomes indistinguishable from the Backspace
> > key.
> Careful, you're straying into a pseudo-religious warzone here. :)
> There's an ancient and pointless argument about whether the Backspace
> key should send ^H (0x08) or ^? (0x7F).

Actually, this holy war can be bypassed, without sacrificing Emacs
correctly working on a console.  What the console should send for that
is the <Backspace> function key.  Emacs already takes care of
converting this to DEL.  The following is from a native Windows build
of Emacs 23 running under -nw in the Windows standard "Command Prompt"

  DEL (translated from <backspace>) runs the command delete-backward-char

This message was caused by typing "C-h c" and then pressing the
backspace key.

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