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Re: Upgrade to cygwin 1.7 seemed to trash bash profile, path

>> You seem to be missing '/usr/bin' and '/usr/lib'. There was talk about
>> some of this changing though in my up-to-date installation, I still have
>> them so I'm not sure where this stands. In any case, it suggests that
>> you may want to try add the following to your '/etc/fstab' file:
>> c:/cygwin/lib /usr/lib some_fs binary 0 0
>> c:/cygwin/bin /usr/bin some_fs binary 0 0

I'm pretty that sure that wasn't the problem.  I was actually able to
see /usr/bin and /usr/lib just fine, and adding those two lines to
/etc/fstab doesn't help.

>> If that doesn't work, maybe just try rerunning 'setup.exe' and select
>> "Reinstall" for the "All" category.

I'll give this a try at some point and see how it goes.

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