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scp won't copy to one computer

I have cygwin + openssh installed on a few computers, and most things
work fine, but there's one computer that I can't scp files to. I can
scp from that computer to the others, but the others can't scp to that
one. I also have a Ubuntu box that exhibits the same behavior. I can
connect with ssh just fine and do stuff, including scp'ing from the
computer I connected with to the problem computer. I.e. On computer A,
I can't scp to computer B; however I *can* ssh to computer B and from
there, scp from A to B. It only seems to fail when B is the remote end
of the copy. When I issue the scp command, it asks for my password, as
usual, then echoes a message that I have at the end of my .bashrc on
the remote computer, and then returns to the command prompt without
doing anything else. Attached is my cygcheck output for the computer
that can't be scp'd to.

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