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RE: emacs -nw keypad

Hi Ken,

> But this doesn't seem to have anything to do with recent versions of 
> emacs.  I just reverted to cygwin's emacs-21.2-13 (in cygwin-1.5) and 
> repeated several of my tests (all except the one in rxvt), and the 
> results were identical to those I reported before.

Yes, I get the same keystroke log with the old working version as with the new
keypad-broken version. So I guess that doesn't help.

So this problem may be with tpu-edt.el as you suggested earlier. I made a more
systematic check using

  emacs -q -nw -f tpu-edt

and using "F1 k" to get the binding for each keypad key.

In an xterm (with TERM=xterm) a few keypad keys do in fact have a (not very
useful) definition: kp-f1, kp-f2, kp-f3, kp-f4 are (incorrectly) mapped to f1,
f2, f3, f4 and kp-enter is correctly mapped. All the other keypad keys are

In an rxvt (X-window, with TERM=rxvt) there are some different definitions:
kp-1, kp-3, kp-5, kp-7, kp-9, kp-enter are all correctly defined. kp-2 is
(incorrectly) defined the same as the menu or execute key. All the other
keypad keys are undefined.

So, a few keypad keys are defined, but it is TERM-specific.

> I'll bet the problems you reported had nothing to do with updating 
> emacs.  Probably when you ran setup.exe to update emacs, 
> other packages 
> were updated at the same time, and changes in these are somehow 
> responsible for the poor interaction between emacs and the terminal.

I just checked this on another machine that still had the old emacs 21.2 (and
had recently had a fresh Cygwin install, and I applied the latest changes
before testing). Before updating emacs, it worked fine. I then installed
23.0.92-2 emacs, emacs-el, and emacs-X11 and the keypad problem appeared. I
then reverted to 21.2-13 and it was working again.


> I think you should be able to tell what other packages were 
> updated by 
> looking at /var/log/setup.log and/or /var/log/setup.log.full.  Could 
> terminfo be the culprit?
> Chuck, can you help?
> Ken
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