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Re: dll links or pkgconfig/libtool information is wrong

jean-luc malet wrote:
> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 6:00 PM, Dave Korn
>> jean-luc malet wrote:

>>> this dll use 2 others dll : -lglut -lGL
>>> $pkg-config.exe --libs gl
>>> -lGL
>>> but /bin/ contain cygGL-1.dll
>>> when static linking with -lGL this works fine because libGL.a exist
>>> when creating the dll -lGL don't work at all, I have to specify -lGL-1
>>> doing
>>> /bin/$ ln -s cygGL-1.dll cygGL.dll
>>> solve the issue

>>  Normally for every /bin/cygDLLNAME-VERSION.dll, there should be a
>> /usr/lib/libDLLNAME.dll.a that contains import stubs, allowing you to link
>> against whatever DLL is current without needing to specify the version number
>> as you have done.

> I have the dev packages installed and the libGL.dll.a are present
> $ls /lib/libGL*
> /lib/libGL.dll.a  /lib/libGLU.dll.a
> however, without -lGL-1 it's impossible to link a dll (report missing symbols)
> thanks and regards

  That is strange and unexpected and could indicate a bug, perhaps in the
building of the import libraries.  Can you show us a very simple testcase,
e.g. a trivial C program with just a "main" function that calls a few of these
functions that cause missing references?  (Also, double-check that you have
the exact corresponding version of the lib package and the -devel package by
running "cygcheck -c libGL1 libGL-devel", just in case).


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